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Audit: Compressed Air Leak Detection and Repair

Compressed Air Leak Detection and Repair

Air Leak Detection and Repair is a necessary task for any facility. History has shown that leaks typically account for 25-30 percent of the system demand. Locating air leaks can be a challenging task since they are not visible to the naked eye. To identify these leaks, ultrasonic acoustic detectors are used, which are specialized devices that can detect the high frequency hissing sounds associated with air leaks. These detectors are portable units that are equipped with directional microphones, amplifiers, and audio filters, and are typically designed with visual indicators or earphones to detect leaks.

Compressed Air Leak DetectionUltrasonic leak detection is an extremely versatile form of leak detection and can be adapted to a variety of situations. The principle behind ultrasonic leak detection is based on the fact that in a pressure or vacuum leak, the leak flows from a high pressure laminar flow to a low pressure turbulence, generating a white noise that contains a broad spectrum of sound ranging from audible to inaudible frequencies. The ultrasonic sensor focuses on the ultrasonic elements in the noise, with the sound level being the loudest at the leak site due to ultrasound being a short wave signal. Since ultrasonic detectors are filtered to eliminate background noises in the audible range, leaks can be heard even in the noisiest environments.

The benefits of using ultrasonic leak detection include versatility, speed, ease of use, the ability to perform tests while equipment is running, and the ability to detect various leaks. This detection method requires minimal training, with operators becoming proficient after only a brief training period.

Compressed Air Leak Audit The directional nature of ultrasound transmission means that the signal is loudest at its source, making it possible to quickly locate and pinpoint the exact location of a leak by scanning around a test area. Therefore, ultrasonic leak detection is not only fast but also highly accurate.

With our Leak Audit, one of our trained technicians will examine your facility with our leak detection & measuring equipment. We will tag and rate all leaks then provide a detailed report, detailing the location of, and quantification cost of every individual leak. If you have a map of you facility, we will also provide a detailed layout of all located leaks. Then when available, we will assist with the process of applying for rebates with your energy provider. Give us a call today so that we can help you take your facility to the next level.

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