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2023 Compressed Air Leak Detection

Compressed Air Leak Detection Audit

Compressed Air Leak Detection and RepairCompressed air is a critical utility in many industrial applications, and it is widely used to power various machines and equipment. However, it is not uncommon for compressed air systems to have leaks, which can result in significant energy waste and increased operational costs. To address this issue, compressed air leak audits are conducted to identify and repair leaks in the system, which can lead to significant energy savings and improved efficiency.

Leak Detection Steps:

  1. Compressed Air Leak DetectionSite Visit: The first thing we will want to do is perform a site visit to take a look at your facility so that we can get your a proper quote for the Leak Detection.
  2. Leak Detection: Our team will come to your facility to locate and tag your leaks.
  3. Report: We will generate a report for you showing the (i) number of leaks, (ii) where they are all located, (iii) the CFM of each leak, and (iv) the estimated annual cost of each.
  4. Repair: Most energy companies will require you to repair at least 50% of all leaks, but we highly suggest you fix all leaks. These repairs can be repaired by your own maintenance team, or we can assist with coordinating the repairs.
  5. Rebate Application: Lastly, to get your rebate you will need to submit an application to your energy company showing all steps above were completed.

The exact rebate amount you will receive will depend on who your energy provider is, how many HP worth of air compressors that you have, and/or the CFM of the detected and repaired leaks.Compressed Air Leak Detection Rebate

Rebate Examples:

Consumers Energy
  • Fixed Speed – $7.50 per HP
  • Variable Speed – $10.00 per HP
  • Fixed Speed – $27.00 per CFM
  • Variable Speed – $42.00 per CFM

These rebates are only the tip of the iceberg. For example, 1 CFM that is detected and repaired can make you eligible for $27.00-$42.00 in rebates from DTE. However, that 1 CFM is also costing you $77.00-$232.00 in wasted energy, depending on how many shift you run. So your total value added can be up to $274.00 per CFM … and our typical Audits locate 100-300CFM in leaks.

Don’t hesitate, reach out today for a free quote to see how we can help your facility run more efficiently.

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