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Air Quality Test – ISO 8573

ISO 8573 Chart for Compressed Air Quality Purity

The quality of your air can be absolutely vital, depending on your industry. Governmental and customer standards need to be met, and in order to verify your compressed air system is meeting your expectations, a Air Quality Test can be conducted.

Particles & Oil Aerosol

In order to test Particles and Oil Aerosol, 250-12,500 liters of compressed air will need to flow through a 47mm Filter Cassette for 5 – 120 minutes, depending on the ISO 8573 Purity Class that you are looking to test for.

Water Vapor

There are two different test tubes that can be utilized to test your water vapor, all depending on whether you have a refrigerated or desiccant dryer. If you have a refrigerated dryer you will need to use the 20/a-P test tube, running the air sample for 5 minutes at 4 LPM. If you have a desiccant dryer you will need to use the 5/a-P test tube, running the air sample for 12.5 minutes at 4 LPM.

Oil Vapor

In order to test for Oil Vapor, you will run an air sample through a charcoal tube for 10-100 minutes, all depending on the ISO 8573 Purity Class you wish to test for.


Testing for Microorganisms is a but more of a complicated process, but needs to be given the volatility of the sample. If you are testing the microorganisms in your compressed air system, you need to ensure no outside factors during the sample taking process contaminates your sample, therefore giving false results.

You will be using a machine called a Pinocchio sampler (see below) which will be used to hold contact plates containing sample media. Compressed air is then introduced to this sample media for 10minutes. The sample media is then sent to a lab for testing.

Microorganism test for compressed air

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