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Air Audits – How to Reduce Energy Usage (and Costs)

There are two (2) primary audits you will want to get scheduled on an annual basis:

Compressed Air Energy Audit

Unlike the Compressed Air Survey, this audit involve logging data on of the current (Amps). By running a simple calculation (one that incorporates a power factor), the kW can be calculated to a rather accurate value and graphs illustrating demand can be generated. The reason for offering this audit is to detect energy waste and capture a compressed air summary of the supply side – the compressor room. By analyzing the supply side, Best Aire can then advance the need to assess the issues on the demand side. The preliminary set up and process is very simple, and the energy usage and flow rates can be tested without interrupting service to your facility.

Another key consideration when choosing an audit partner would be to ask about the potential rebates available from the local utility companies. People who are close to the subject and do this every day, such as Best Aire, know these details and can show you how these savings can really add up.

Compressed Air Leak Audit

Air leak detection and control is a vital element to any facility. History has shown that leaks typically account for 20 percent of the system demand. With our Air Leak Audit, one of our trained technicians will examine your facility with our leak detection & measuring equipment. We will tag and rate all leaks then provide a detailed report, detailing the location of, and quantification cost of every individual leak. Then when available, we will assist with the process of applying for rebates with your energy provider. Give us a call today so that we can help you take your facility to the next level.

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