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Quincy QGD Air Compressor

Quincy Air Compressor Parts & Service

The Quincy QGD model comes in 15-60hp options. These units are oil flooded, fixed speed, rotary screw air compressors. With branches in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana, we can take care of all of your Quincy Air Compressor needs.

Quincy QGD Parts List

Description Content Part Number
Oil Filter QGD 20-50 (case of 12) 128598CS
Air Filter QGD 20-30 128849E362
Air Filter QGD 40-50 125420E200
Oil Separator QGD 20-50 (40-50hp need 2) 2012100079
Temp Switch Gauge Control 122880-232
Temp Probe Micro Control-High Vibration 2014000023
Shaft Seal Kit Slinger, Shaft Seal & Wear Ring 140209
Line Filter Kit 129732-051
Min Press. Check Valve Kit 20/25/30hp 147564K
Min Press. Check Valve Kit 40/50hp 147565K
Diff Pilot Valve Kit Diaphragm, Assembly & Seat 146175-100

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