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Should You Replace or Repair a Down Air Compressor?

Repair or Replace your Air Compressor

Repair or Replace your Air Compressor

Sometimes your compressor goes down due to old age and sometimes it’s just needs routine maintenance and replacement of some standard parts, but it can be difficult to decide what the best option is. Short-term, repairing is cheaper than replacing, but long-term, the latter could be more beneficial. Here are some tips on how you can decide whether you should replace or repair your Air Compressor.

Investigate and Identify the Problem

Never assume, always identify. One of the most important things you need to do is to find out is what the problem is, so you can figure out what the next steps need to be. Check the airline and fixings to ensure it is not just a leak.

Certain parts of your air compressor can be easily replaced and if it is only that one thing that is broken, it will be easier to just replace it. These parts could be a clogged air filter, damaged air receivers, or just a case of low oil levels.

However, if it is one thing that has consequently affected the rest of the system, you may have a more complex decision to make. Additionally, you will want to consider the cost of the repair and then look to see what the expected remaining life on your air compressor is.

How Old Is Your Air Compressor?

If your air compressor is still fairly new and it appears to be broken, then you should always consider reparation rather than replace. You have already made the investment by purchasing a new air compressor, you shouldn’t have to replace it again.

If you have had your air compressor a while, you need to consider its history of reliability and efficiency. Has it had to be repaired multiple times now? Then, it may be time for an upgrade as old habits die hard.

Or, maybe your air compressor is unable to fulfill your requirements anymore which is why it keeps breaking. Upgrade to a larger capacity unit and see the difference it can make. Newer models will most likely be more efficient than your current one anyway. In terms of energy costs, they will be the best economical choice you can make.

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