Oil Less and Oil Free Air Compressors

Today, our line of Gardner Denver remains at the forefront of oil-free compressor technology with breakthrough innovations such as Ultima and Quantima. If 100% clean and oil-free compressed air is a requirement for your industry, you cannot compromise on quality. Our oil-free compressors set the standards for air purity and are ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 certified. Offering not only 100% pure oil‑free air but also improved energy efficiency, these oil less compressors are made to meet the precise needs of a diverse range of industries.

Depending on the application, one specific compressed air technology might provide advantages over another technology. Gardner Denver gives you the flexibility of several different oil-free and oil-less technologies to match your requirements.

Gardner Denver’s oil-free compressors are helping industries across the globe to meet and exceed quality and production objectives in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, electronic, healthcare and power generation applications to name but a few.

The term “Oil Free” means that there is no oil is present in the compression chamber. By contrast, “Oil Less” means that there is any trace of oil in the compressor system, essentially dropping to zero any risk of contamination due to oil carryover.