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Oil-Free / Oil-Less Air Compressors

Oil-Free & Oil-Less Air Compressors

When it comes to choosing between an oil-free or oil-less air compressor, you have both options with Best-Aire. Our line of Gardner Denver oil-free and oil-less compressors feature cutting edge technology and are highly engineered products that result in pure, quality compressed air.

Zero Risk of Contamination

Some processes need clean, dry, oil-free air and cannot risk contamination. With an oil-free compressor you get peace of mind, both in your system and for your business.



Worry-Free Operation

Air treatment systems and process equipment can be damaged by oil-laden compressed air, which can then affect sensitive electronic components, causing unnecessary downtime and expense.



Low Maintenance Cost & Energy Savings

A true oil-free compressor does not have oil in the compression chamber. This minimizes downstream filtration requirements and pressure drops, which directly translate into energy savings and total cost of ownership.


Increased Sustainability

With high quality, contaminant-free air, you can be sure that you are making your compressed air system as streamlined and efficient as possible, while still adhering to the requirements of your industry.



If 100% clean and oil-free compressed air is a requirement for your industry, you cannot compromise on quality. Our oil-free compressors set the standards for air purity and are ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 certified.

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Take care, and be safe.