Best Aire Updates:

Oil Analysis – A Necessary Routine

Oil Analysis for your air compressor

Why get an Oil Analysis?

A detailed Oil Analysis Report will give information regarding external contamination, which will give an insight to the ambient conditions that affect the lubricant and running of the compressor, or internal contamination that would give an early warning regarding malfunctioning of components. At Best Aire, we will provide an easy to read report that will include when to sample again, what parameters are abnormal and possible steps you need to amend any abnormality with your lubrication.

What are the Elements of the Report? 

  • Viscosity: To detect contamination or degradation in your compressor oils
  • TAN (Total Acid Number): To monitor oil oxidation, corrosive acid contamination or potential mechanical problems.
  • Additives: To detect the addition of incompatible make-up oil.
  • Water content: To detect high moisture content and emulsification issues.
  • Wear metals: To monitor machinery health and schedule routine maintenance before failure occurs.
  • Trending Data: To help you detect hidden symptoms of future system failure. Our data helps you find long- and short-term trends that indicate equipment degradation or breakage long before they result in unexpected downtime.

Want to  better understanding the effects of Oil Analysis and how to make it a routine? Contact Us.