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Nitrogen Generators – the Cost Benefit

Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen Generators

The question we are asked most often when proposing a Nitrogen Generation system is, “Why? What we are doing is working.”

1. Cost Efficient

In the Midwest, having nitrogen delivered to your facility will cost $3.50 to $3.75 per hundred cubic feet. Installing your own generator can drop your cost down to $0.21 to $0.25 per hundred cubic feet initially. You are also avoiding the cost of tank rentals, hazmat fees, delivery charges or any other miscellaneous costs attributed to the delivery of nitrogen gas. Additionally, 8-10% off your nitrogen can also be lost in transportation, which means every time you are paying for nitrogen that you will never receive.

2. Increases Safety

In order to transport nitrogen to your facility, first the gas must be converted back into a liquid at -320 degrees F. Unloading a liquid at this temperature is incredibly dangerous and carries the risk of leaks or spills that can cause injuries or even death. This risk can be entirely eliminated by generating and storing your own nitrogen on-site.

3. Reduces Downtime and Supply Issues

If you are purchasing your nitrogen in bulk, you are at the mercy of your supplier when it comes to deadlines, delays, shortages or closings. And given the supply chain failures that plague almost every business these days, these delays are worse than ever and carry a huge cost. However, by generating your own gas, you always know how much gas you have and how much gas you can generate in any certain day. You eliminate any wait times associated with deliveries and cut down on hundreds of hours a year that would normally be spent ordering nitrogen, waiting on deliveries and any delayed orders that could potentially shut your operation down temporarily.

Purity, Pressure & ROI

The 3 most common concerns our customers have when selecting (or even considering purchasing) a Nitrogen Generator are: What purity levels can be guaranteed? What pressure can be supplied? What will the ROI be?

What purity levels can be guaranteed? – The line of Nitrogen Generators Best-Aire carries can supply the Five 9’s of purity (99.999%)

What pressure can be supplied? – Our Nitrogen Generators can supply pressure of 115 PSI on their own, however, coupled with a booster, they can achieve pressures upwards of 600 PSI.

What will the ROI be? –  We find that on average, replacing a bulk supplier with a Nitrogen Generator system has an ROI of 10-12 months.