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Line Reactors – What & Why

Variable Speed Air Compressor Line Reactor

Variable Speed Air Compressor Line Reactor

What is a Line Reactor?

Line Reactors used in air compressor installations increase in system reliability by acting as interface buffers between solid state power circuits and the line or the motor (not unlike the surge protector for you desktop PC).

Why Do I Need One?

If you have a Variable Speed Air Compressor, we cannot stress enough the importance of installing a Line Reactor. The magnetic field created within the Line Reactor limits the rate of rise of the current, thus reducing harmonics and protecting the drive from power system surges and transients. Without one, you can expect the life span of your motor to be significantly reduced.

Types of Line Reactors

There are two primary types of reactors used in variable speed air compressors: AC & DC. When an AC reactor is placed between the power system and the motor, it is referred to as an AC line reactor. When a DC reactor is inserted into the DC link of a variable speed motor, it is known as a DC link reactor. Both AC and DC reactors limit harmonic currents. However, AC reactors have the significant advantage of protecting the entire variable speed motor from power system surges and transients since they are placed between the power system and the incoming power terminals at the drive.