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Industrial Blowers – Water & Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Water & Wastewater Treatment Solutions – Best Aire understands the complex needs and challenges of the water and wastewater industries and offers a unique range of bare blowers and blower packages known for their excellent performance and low maintenance.

  • Grit Aeration – Air is blown into the water, which creates a spiral flow of water. Particles of certain size drop to the bottom of the chamber, and are removed. The wastewater is then moved onto the process.
  • Channel Aertion – Air is pumped through diffusers into tanks containing wastewater. The diffusers create bubbles, raising the level of dissolved oxygen. The dissolved oxygen promotes the growth of bacteria that help remove the phosphates in the water.
  • Sludge Digestion – Digestion process with absence of oxygen. Transforms organic material into gases, such as methane, which can then be used or sold as an energy source.
  • Aerobic Digestion – Process of oxidizing and decomposing organic material, with the presence of oxygen. Helps reduce mass and volume, as well as harmful micro-organisms.
  • Filter Backwash – Air is used to expand the filter bed, breaking up compacted material. Clean backwash water is pumped in, suspending the loose particles. The suspended particles are lifted into troughs and carried away.