Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Rotary screw technology uses a displacement principle where the screw compression element main parts comprise male and female rotors that move towards each other while the volume between them and the housing decreases.

Apex Series

  • 15-30 HP
  • 50-146 CFM
  • Belt Drive
  • Load/No Load with Optional Modulation
  • Base Mount or Total System Configuration

The Apex Total System will save you both time and space. By utilizing the air receiver as a base for the compressor and dryer, the Apex Total System provides a compressed air system in a space-saving design.

Apex VS Series

  • Base or Total System configurations
  • 230 | 460 | 575V 60Hz voltage options
  • Air cooling
  • AirSmart G2 microprocessor controller
  • Robust inverter drive
  • Integrated airends for reduced connections
  • Premium Efficient motors

L Series

  • 5-400 HP

L04-L22 (5-30HP) are belt driven units, while the L23-L290 (30-400 HP) units are direct-gear drive. These fixed speed units come standard as air cooled with optional water cooling from 75 to 180 HP. The L04-75 and L160-290 models include intuitive GD Pilot controller and the L90-132 models feature the new Governor Touch Screen Controller.

LRS Series

  • 10-400HP

The LRS Series product range goes from 4-290kW. L07RS-L22RS (7-22kW) are belt driven units, while the L23RS-L290RS (22-290kW) units are direct drive. The L07RS-75RS and L160RS-290RS compressors include intuitive GD Pilot controller and the L90RS-132RS models feature the new Governor Touch Screen Controller.

Electra Saver Series

  • 40-500HP
  • up to 2459cfm
  • Direct Drive
  • Quiet Enclosed or Un-Enclosed

Oil lubricated, single stage rotary screw air compressors

VS Series

  • Air and water cooled
  • Direct drive
  • Integrated oil filter
  • Optional integrated dryer (VS25-70)
  • TEAO 3600 rpm motor
  • 200 / 230 / 460 / 575V 3 phase, 60Hz voltage options
  • Quiet enclosed
  • IP54 electrical enclosure
VST Series

  • 75-350 HP

The VST Series™ two-stage variable speed compressors from Gardner Denver not only deliver the standard 8-12% energy savings over a single stage compressor, but will be the most efficient compressor you will ever purchase.