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RNC750 - Refrigerated

Non-cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer: Refrigerated air dryers remove water vapor and contaminants carried in the compressed air. Compressed air can contain dirt and oil, which may damage tools and machinery. Our refrigerated air dryer system works to produce clean, dry air. Making this Gardner Denver’s most common type of compressed air dryer. As air enters the refrigerator and through the air-to-air heat exchanger, the outgoing cold air cools the warm air. Then water droplets separate from the cold air, removing the moisture, dirt and oil. The air passes back to the air-to-air heat exchanger, reheating the cooled air exiting the air dryer. Our refrigerated air dryers are separated into two types of air dryers, cycling and non cycling. When purchasing an air dryer it is important to consider the cost. Non-cycling is the most cost-efficient upfront but cycling dryers save energy cost in the long run

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