Best Aire Updates:

Quick-Lock Tubing

Quick-Lock TubingGardner Denver Quick-Lock Tubing is a solid metal compressed air piping system that provides superior strength with a lightweight design.

The nickel plated brass fittings and powder coated extruded aluminum pipe provides a system that is easy to install, while ensuring high performance and versatility.

It is estimated that 25-30 % of all air consumption is attributed to air leaks. The majority of air leaks that Best Aire finds while conducting Air Leak Audits for our customers are located at connection points. Whether where two pipes are joined, making a 90 degree bend, or where the end equipment is piped into the system.  This line of quick-lock tubing easily resolves all of those problem areas, and is ideal for a variety of piping types, and ensures a tight, long lasting fit.

  • Manufactured from marine-grade aluminum that prevents rust and system deterioration
  • All metal system
  • Fittings are nickel plated brass
  • Ease of installation
  • High flow rates / low pressure losses
  • Smooth internal diameter of tube maintained throughout life of the system