Best Aire Updates:

ULTIMATE Oil-Free Compressor

Ultima is a ground-breaking oil-free compressor. The unique design of this all new compressor range from Gardner Denver utilizes a low pressure and high pressure dry screw airend—each airend is individually driven by a variable speed, permanent magnet synchronous motor, offering exceptional levels of efficiency versus traditional oil-free technology.

Considering that the highest cost in the lifecycle of a compressor is the energy to run it, the unique design of Ultima has allowed us to combine the ultimate performance with the ultimate efficiency, and still deliver a footprint 37% smaller than any other conventional two stage oil-free compressor on the market today.

To ensure optimum performance the Ultima comes standard with iConn remote data analytics.

Direct drive airends eliminate the gearbox and allow for a very compact design

  • Permanent magnet synchronous water-cooled motors operating at 97% efficiency
  • Water-cooled VFD’s
  • Up to 70% turndown
  • Only 8kW off-load power consumption
  • Stainless steel coolers
  • 37% smaller footprint than competitive machines
  • 63-69 dBA noise performance
  • Zero loss condensate drains
  • EMC filter and line reactor standard
  • 98% heat recovery
  • No ducting requirement
  • GD Pilot XTC™ 8″ color touchscreen controller
  • iConn connectivity
  • 2 year package warranty / 5 year airend warranty